Coming Soon …. Stay Tuned.... 2020 Get You Plenty


$1,000 Winner Bag

                                                                                                      3 Ways To Win

           1. Buy #thelogo from the Lab Notes! page. Receive 1 ticket in the drawing

           2. Buy the Album " Keep It Zippd " or  " #mrpadreleone " from

                   and receive 3 tickets in the drawing.  ( sign up for the mailing list and email confirmation to


            3. Join the squad and receive 5 tickets in the drawing. ( sign up for the mailing list and email                             and message " I would like to join the squad please "                                        you will then be instructed on what task to complete and once completed you will                                            receive 5 tickets in the drawing. )


 $50,000 Winner Duffle Bag

                                                           How To Win


                    * Buy a usb flash drive from an associate for $150.00 which contains                                         music  and video media or Buy The E.P. 11 from the Lab Notes! page (The Store) 



                                      READ THE SMALL PRINT

" Anybody can win in this game called life, sometimes you have to roll the dice. Nobody can make it alone so this is the way that we are  rebuilding our home. You can always connect through the phone or email us your thoughts ,concerns or poems but at the end of the day this is business so when doing business use your business tone." -  Marcus Leone

There will be one $1,000 Winner Bag  on the third Saturday of the month for the duration of the sweepstakes. Winners will be filmed as they receive their winnings through cash app.  So if your camera shy do not apply. lol

There will be one $50,000 Winner Duffle Bag at the end of the of the sweepstakes. This lucky person is going to have to meet me for dinner in Broward County , Fl. Good luck brings good luck so maybe who ever wins will bring me more good luck. lol . Its the luck of the draw so good luck to you all.