The press is very important for society. There has always been reports of the views of mankind. Since the beginning of time. The thing about the press is that it's supposed to be unbiased but in this day and age it's more profitable to not tell the truth. We choose to do this for the truth instead of the pay. At the end of the day everybody has a voice and nobody should be censored in the land of the free. Even if we don't agree you have the right to be whatever it is that you want to be. Bruh Briefcase Tribune will give you nothing but the truth from the perspectives of real people with real feelings that are just expressing their point of view. We promise to give you our honest truth without being compromised buy the old mighty dollar. Unless we get a lucrative sponsor that advises otherwise. Wink . Wink. Lol. Any way keep checking back for updates. We are going to take our time but once we get going stay connected. Peace. Love. Harmony.